I found David and I got him to stop!

Regarding David, the Australian guy who kept giving out my email address to rental agents:

I got a bunch more of these appointment confirmations/cancellations, and one of them included David's phone number. I emailed to ask a friend in Australia to text David, but instead she just called him and told him what he's been doing. She said, "I think he was hoping I was about to offer him an apartment!" David was really sorry...his real gmail is firstintialmiddleinitiallastname80@gmail. Since that happy moment, I have not had any more emails meant for David. I forwarded an appointment confirmation to him and said, "Good luck finding a new home."
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Hah, don't normally post about myself! ER update.

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Thank you to those of you that responded. I just needed to hear it from someone else, I guess. I hate going to the ER. Mother's and people in health crease are the worst about getting themselves seen. Of course, when I was experiencing severe preeclampsia years ago I got to the ER but almost went home instead of going in (I just thinking my back hurt really bad... yay kidneys and liver during down!). :P

In addition to nausea and vomiting... and other fun stomach stuff, I was bleeding a ton... not abnormal for me, but more copious and darker than previously experienced. I went to the ER and have now been admitted to the hospital. CT Scans were inconclusive for Chrohn's, but did show swelling. I'm having more testing and prophylactic antibiotics, nausea and pain meds by IV. On my third beg of fluid, still feeling dehydrated.

And I can't sleep, which is why I'm updating at 5am! If that's my biggest issu, though, I'm happy.
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Toothpaste in eye test...

OKay TQC, never one to back away from a challenge, I administered toothpaste to my eye.


I have like, tears streaming out of my eye and down my face.

Unlike the previous poster, I am simply holding my eye closed and waiting till my tears naturally flush the toothpaste and residue out.

Over the last five minutes, the stinging has reduced considerably.

In fact right now, I just wiped away the moisture from around my eye and opened it.

I can see, and there is only a slight feeling of coolness on the eye, much like the feeling one would have in their mouth after sucking on a peppermint.

I don't know what I have just answered or proved but... Well, anything for science...

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